1. Sellers are not allowed to bid on their own items
    Sellers are not allowed to bid on their own lots. To do this, our system ensures that sellers cannot bid on items they have shipped using their own accounts.
  2. Highest bid wins
    In all The world nature auctions, if a bid is placed in the last minute, an extra 90 seconds are added to the close of the auction. This will give bidders plenty of time to counter bid and will not have to wait until the last few seconds to bid. The world nature always provides a very clear indication of which bidder has placed the highest or the winning bid. As soon as the auction ends, all bidders who have won receive a confirmation email indicating that they have won.
  3. Employees are not allowed to sell at auction
    No employee directly involved in the appraisal and organization of the lots nor their family members are authorized to sell lots on The world nature. Based on the above, all employees can bid and therefore buy lots on The world nature, but the experts are not allowed to bid (and therefore buy lots) in their own auctions.
  4. Sellers’ identity documents are required
    If users wish to sell items on The world nature, they may be required to scan or photograph a valid proof of identification (official photo ID). The information on the proof of identification, which must clearly show, at least, the full name, date of birth and identity document number, is required by a third party, the payment processor called Stripe, which processes the payments on our platform on-line.